Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A short stop

On my way to Jamie's kindergarden, there is this makeshift stall by the roadside (in front of Choice Marketplace, Batu Kawa). 

I have wanted to make a short stop to check out this Malay stall for quite sometime but some days the stall was packed with people stopping to buy breakfast and hardly any parking at this busy road. 

However one morning last week, there was not any customer and a Malay lady was mending the stall. Usually it was a man, I believe it is the lady's husband. So I made a quick stop with Jamie in the car. He would lock the front driver's door as I taught him to all the times. 

I bought a pack of nasi lemak wrapped in brown paper for RM2 and 3 pieces of curry puff for RM1.

So after dropped Jamie off in the kindergarden, I couldn't wait to head home and have my breakfast. It has been a while since I had nasi lemak so you could imagine how tempted I were. 

Ok, my wrapped nasi lemak was in huge portion. For RM2, I couldn't complain of its portion. The rice has a light "lemak" to it. Very fluffy. There was a quarter of hard-boiled egg, and 2 small salted fishes.

I enjoyed the nasi lemak. The sambal was just good. 

As for the curry puff, the crust was nice and crispy. The filling of potatoes was good too but I thought the puff was very small size. My eldest boy did not complained though. He seemed to enjoy the remaining 2 pieces.

After filling up my tummy with the nasi lemak and a curry puff, I sat by the window and drank my black tea in this mug. 

I like this mug from Kai Joo Cafe. I have few of them in the display cabinet. Seldom bought them out but that morning I felt like using it. 

One side of the mug shown the photo of the old central police station and another side is the logo of Kai Joo Cafe.

So that was my satisfying breakfast.


The Yum List said...

When I tell my family and friends from home that you can get a meal in Malaysia for less than a dollar, they don't believe me!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I like the mug with the building design...

reana claire said...

What a relaxing day, Rose! I also cannot finish one packet of nasi lemak that big portion... in fact I prefer smaller portion like those curry puffs you showed... Anything mini size is appealing to me.. hahahaa

mun said...

Must feel really good with this satisfying breakfast! Nice price too!

Sharon D said...

Rose, that nasi lemak looks so good-la. I'm craving for pisang goreng right now but you've tempted me with nasi lemak Using that mug is a good idea - feels like an authentic tea session.

suituapui said...

Been awhile since I last had nasi lemak. Wanted that at the nasi kerabu place yesterday but they were sold out.

lina said...

First it was nasi goreng in Penang.
Now nasi lemak pula.
I'm hungry! LOL

Libby said...

I am hungry! I love both the nasi lemak and curry puff

The mug looks so pretty