Monday, November 27, 2017

It has been that long

Back in 2011 when I operated a shop, I used to find my hubby for breakfast. He worked in a nearby bank then so after I dropped Jan to kinddy and Jay to nanny's, I would picked him up for breakfast.

One of our usual breakfast places was Tien Hsia Lai Cafe in Jalan Keretapi (next row of shop after Public Bank). I tasted its kolo mee, Sarawak laksa and Malay fried noodle. 

It was a corner shop where central police station is on its right. Not many stalls; just 2 or 3.

Kolo mee stall and Malay fried stall next to each other

But it has been that long since we came here. More than 5 years. So, not so long ago we rekindled our visit with the kids. The coffee shop was still the same with same people. The kolo mee stall couples still remember us. We had a short chat before order our food. The Malay stall is now taken care by younger brothers of the Malay lady.

The boys had kolo mee (RM3.50) with a bowl of meatballs soup. I did not take photo of the soup.

Jan and I each had the fried noodle (RM3.50) from the Malay stall.  Slightly spicy and sweet. And they gave us a small bowl of soup.

I saw next table ordered a bowl of Sarawak laksa. I remember the laksa was nice. Maybe the next round we drop by here again.


suituapui said...

You had a shop? Wahhhhh!!! Towkay-neo, you! Never heard of this shop but the kolo mee looks good and the mee goreng too!

mun said...

5 years is a long time but they still remember you so you must have been a very good customer.

Phong Hong said...

Down memory lane with family in tow! Both noodles look good.

Nancy Chan said...

What a wonderful revisit to your old breakfast place. Both noodles look delicious!

Merryn said...

5 years ago is a long time yet they still remember you. We can't get anything at RM3.50 over here.

The Yum List said...

Nice to see the same people after some time away.

Sharon D said...

The noodles look extremely delicious. Always nice to take a walk down memory lane. ^.^