Thursday, September 21, 2017

In the house

Rojak + Ais Kacang = yummy dessert

This place called Ah Kee Dessert is operating from the corner terrace house just before the Stapok Utara bridge (opposite of SJK CH No 6 primary school). Many reviews and recommendation on this home-based business but I had never checked it out till one day. It was not hard to spot the house as there is a small sign board saying "ABC". 

But on one afternoon when I felt like having ice kacang, it was closed. It was one of the afternoon over the one week school holiday last month when I dropped both Jan and Jay for their arts tuition.

No "ABC" sign hung out so I knew it was closed that day. The following week, I wanted to try again but again, I did not have the luck.  It was closed again! On a Monday. Oh well, never mind. I could always try again another day when I am passing by this house.

The lucky star was on my side the next day.  It was raining that day. It was the UPSR week.  Jan was sitting for her Pra-UPSR exam (Primary 5) so she did not have any afternoon school tuition or extra curriculum that week.  We were 3rd time lucky when we saw Ah Kee Dessert was opened when we were on the way to drop Jay at his arts tuition. So after sending Jay off, together with Jan and Jamie, we went over to the house for dessert.

There was a drizzle that afternoon so it was not too cold or stuffy to have some light bites there. The stall and seating were in the porch.

A friendly aunt was mending both stalls with the help from her daughter. No customers that time so I had a good chat with the friendly aunt while enjoying my dessert.

We ordered a small plate of rojak for sharing besides the ABC.

RM3.00 rojak

RM3.50 ABC

The shaved ice dessert was good; it was not too sweet although it looked like it. It was refreshing and refined with many goodies to be taken on any warm day.  There waa few longans, sweet corns, cincau, cendol, coloured sago and red beans for that extra texture and bites. Glad that I were sharing this dessert with Jan because I did not think I could finish it all by myself.

As for the rojak, the rojak paste was thick and tasty with generous topping of chopped nuts. If only they gave more rojak paste, it would be perfect for me but this was good enough.

Many other cold desserts to choose from. That would be another time, another day.

And yes, I did come back the following week. Could not resist the cold dessert and this time, I bought home a cup of ang tau peng (RM2.50) and big pack of rojak (RM5.00).

Check out their Facebook page or for direction and location, click here.

Address: Ah Kee Dessert, No 81, Jalan Stapok Utara 1, Taman Stapok, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.

Operating hours : 1030am to 4pm daily except Monday (off)


Nancy Chan said...

A great place to drop by to enjoy some desserts and snacks.

suituapui said...

Making me carve for Swee Kang's. Best in the world! The one at the stall by the roadside, Wayang Street, round the bend from Carpenter Street is very nice too, I hear. Never tried.

reana claire said...

The ice kacang attracted me! They made it so rounded and neat.. :)

Phong Hong said...

Worth the wait for the ABC! The rojak looks yummy too.

The Yum List said...

I have to admit that I'm yet to fall in love with local desserts. I find most of them too sweet. It's something that comes with age I guess - liking less sweet and more savoury.

IreneC said...

ABC....Malaysians' favourite dessert! Speaking of that, I'd like to have some of that now.

Libby said...

Long time never eat rojak and ice kachang

Sharon D said...

So yummy! I like the homey feel too. Great that you finally got the opportunity to try this - I know the feeling of looking forward and finding it closed!

mun said...

ABC and rojak! Both I like - so yummy looking!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Has been a while since I had rojak...