Friday, September 15, 2017

Absolutely authentic

Sang nyuk mien. The iconic food of Sabah has its first shop in iCom Square Kuching.

The shop is opposite to the row of shops where Tupperware Brands is. From Pending, you will see Sugarbun on your left when you reach iCom Square and from there, you turn to right and drive all the way to the end of the road. If you use Jln Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, you could see it at your right hand side when approaching iCom Square from the back side.

This shop, Wang Xiang Sheng Rou Mian is located at the same row with Level Up Fitness.

Sang nyuk literally means "raw meats" in Hakka. Don't worry, the meats were not to be eaten raw but it generally means that the meat was from fresh raw pork.

They have many choices to choose from but each bowl of noodle will be accompanied by their lovely, tasty bowl of meats soup.

I went for the white noodle to go with my soup. The noodle is not like kolo mee. It is yellow noodle; bigger and chewier.

The meat soup was the star here. It was good.

Generous thin-sliced pork which melt in my mouth. So deliciously tender and smooth, it did not taste like pork. I thought it would be fish meat if I did not know it better. The soup was nice; sweet and well-seasoned from the sliced meats, intestine and liver.

Hubby had its soy sauce noodle. And he specifically requested another small saucer of fried pork lard to enhance the taste! So sinful, I know.

The way to eat sang nyuk mee?? Dip the meat in the chilli sauce and fish sauce. Eat with your noodle. I love the spicy chilli dipping. Really "syiok".

Of course they do sell the chilli sauce in bottle but we did not buy any. We hardly use it at home.

So if anyone want to taste the Sabah sang nyuk mee in Kuching, this is the place. Even a Sabahan friend commented its taste is as good as you could find and eat in Sabah. Absolutely authentic sang nyuk mien.

Address and contact as below.


The Yum List said...

I'd love to have your Top Five List of places to eat for when/ if I next visit ;-)

suituapui said...

You never tried the one in Sibu when you were here? Been around for quite sometime now.
Very nice...and the kampua kosong they serve with the soup is nice too.

mun said...

here near my place there is a very tasty sabah style sang nyuk noodle too. thanks for showing us photos of an authentic one for us to compare the look.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Wish I could try it now..

Small Kucing said...

So much meat...delicious. I would love it.

IreneC said...

Looks really delicious. Definitely my oink oink lover hubby would enjoy this very much.

Libby said...

Look so good, I love that meat soup and soy sauce noodles.

The Yum List said...

Oh my, my hips are expanding just thinking about "extra pork lard!"

Nancy Chan said...

I like both the noodles that you and your hubby ordered. I have tried fish sauce as a dipping. The fish sauce and chili sauce dipping combination sounds interesting.

Sharon D said...

Rose, I'm looking at the meat soup and thinking "ho chiak betul!"
Salivating all the way here. The noodles look yummy.