Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fairy and wind

I always wanted to explore caves and let the children experience and learn something about our homeland.

Yesterday, we took a short drive to Bau for some caves exploration. Not only we get to visit 1 cave in Bau, but two at one go. The Fairy Cave and Wind Cave. It took us few hours to cover both caves.

Not very far from city centre, we started our drive from home around 1030am and reached our first cave, Fairy Cave before 1130am.  The fairy cave was all about climbing those steepy (wet and dark in one part of the cave) to the inner of the cave. But all the climbing worth it all when we reached the inner opening of the cave.
Staircases all the way to the mouth of the cave

Old staircases

The entrance of the cave

Can you spot batman??

Legend had it that the rock formation in the fairy cave resembled fairies, where as myth had it that the people that stayed in the cave was turned into rocks. Whatever it was, the cave was intriguing and mysterious in its own way.

After a good rest and a drink of fresh coconut juice at the bottom of the cave, we departed for our second cave exploration. The Wind Cave. Few minutes drive only.

Wind Cave was my favourite as more to explore, feel and see. A long passage in this nature reserve. We did stopped at the Sarawak river next to the Wind Cave before proceed to the Wind Cave.

Sarawak river

The trails of wind cave were well maintained. Some passages were pretty dark so we needed torchlights to see around. We managed to spot some lives in the cave with bats hanging up high on the cave roof and some were flying around.
Group of bats

The sink hole on the roof

More sink holes caused by bats

Staglamite and staglatite meet

Staglamite formation

Underground river


An opening after long walk in the dark

You could touch the wall if you jump high!

I cannot help but wonder back when the time man lived a mediocre life in the cave; unlike our current stressed, competitive and materialistic world! ^^ Imagine myself live in countryside or secluded place, not cave of course. Hmm.

Wind cave is interesting and has lots to discover about. The pinnacles, staglamites and staglatites. A snail fossil on the roof. Few species of bats include insect-eating bats and fruits-eating bats. The gushing wind blowing in the cave, and the underground stream where Sarawak river flows into.

We spent a good half day in the caves.  And it costs us only RM4 to explore both caves. A wonderful way to spend our holiday away from home.


suituapui said...

So very nice now. I went in the 70's, very dangerous then. I did not climb, just waited at the lake. My friends went and came back with all the exciting stories. Scary!

IreneC said...

Very interesting visit, and it's great that you take your kids to experience nature. Reminds me of my visit to Mulu Caves many years ago.

mun said...

What a nice adventure, exploring the caves with bats!

Merryn said...

This is a very interesting outing. I'd love to explore caves with my boys too one day but the only cave we have here in the Klang Valley is Batu Caves.

I am at awe with that snail fossil. I kept looking at that picture. I have never seen a real fossil in my life.

Libby said...

Exploring caves is something different from the usual city shopping and the entrance fee is so affordable at only RM4. I once visited an Underground Cistern in Turkey, it was a very unique experience.

The Yum List said...

What a great way to help children understand their natural environment and how important it is to us. I used to visit caves quite frequently as a kid. Now, as an adult though, I'm a little bit claustrophobic in those small spaces.

ChrisAu said...

If I got a chance , I will want to visit such caves too especially with kids ! It’s looks mesmerizing inside there.

lina said...

Wah, look interesting.
I am also interested dy.

Phong Hong said...

Very good exercise and educational. All those stairs remind me of Batu Caves.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves this kind of places...

Sharon D said...

Amazing, Rose - it looks as beautiful as the first time I saw it. I visited these caves many years ago and have very fond memories of Kuching. ^.^