Friday, September 8, 2017

Food nostalgia

We were at the Dragon Village Cafe, 3rd Mile for breakfast one day. Hubby wanted its tasty and generous kueh chap that morning.

A stone-throw away from our favourite chicken rice shop, Dragon Village Cafe is much older coffee shop that has that old-timer style that give me a sense of nostalgia; bring me back to my childhood days. Few stalls include porridge, kuih muih, Sarawak laksa, kampua and other are housed in this corner coffee shop. 

Kueh chap (RM6)

The elderly lady that managing the kueh chap stall was very friendly and my hubby is one of her regular customers. RM6 for this hearty, warm bowl of kueh chap. I did not feel like having kueh chap that morning so I went for the stall across this kueh chap stall for its fried dishes menu.

Tomato noodle (RM5)

I used to have this tomato mee alot as a kid. My comfort food growing up. Nevertheless, it is still a comfort food for me now. Having it did snapped me back to my childhood.

This tomato noodle from the fried stall was nice. The small noodle was deep-fried and then tomato gravy with ingredients poured on top on the noodle. The tomato gravy was tangy and sweet at the same time. Not overpowering but you could taste the tomato essence in the gravy. The crispy noodle when soaked into the tantalizing gravy gave that extra texture to the whole dish.

Fried mee hoon (RM5)

My girl went for the fried mee hoon from the same stall. And wow! It was a big serving for RM5. Love the mince meat that they topped over the noodle. I had a taste of the mee hoon and I love it. Enough wok hei and well-seasoned. Reminded me very much of my mum's fried mee hoon. My girl enjoyed her fried mee hoon so you know how good it was.


The Yum List said...

That'a s new one for me. I've never had noodles in tomato sauce.

suituapui said...

I had the first...and the second but kway teow. Wish they had those crispy noodles here too, miss that so much. Blogpost on mine coming...soon! :D

reana claire said...

Noodles in tomato sauce reminds me of the Pontian wanton noodles.. they put tomato sauce in them too.. not bad, I would say.. .

Nancy Chan said...

I will have what your girl had...I like fried mee hoon.

IreneC said...

I think I would go for your girl's order, or maybe yours. But certainly not your hubby's kueh chap....heheheh...don't like innards. I'm a big fan of fried beehoon anyway.

Agnes CF Lee said...

can't find fried mee hoon or any noodles at RM5 on that serving in KK anymore..sad

Libby said...

I had Kway Teow and Wanton Noodles in tomato sauce before too and they were good

mun said...

I have not tried noodles in tomato sauce like this before too.

Sharon D said...

I have never heard of tomato noodles until your blog. Gotta hunt it down one day. ^.^