Monday, June 5, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #67: Well-spent

It was a long weekend over here with Gawai fell on 1st and 2nd June and stretched to Saturday and Sunday. We did had a relaxing and well-spent weekend. And I hope you did too.

House visiting and hot spring on 1st day of Gawai.

A few hours shopping in Plaza Merdeka on 2nd day of Gawai, to cool ourselves from the warm weather.

Before that, we went for a windy and cooling morning walk in the neighbourhood.

And a nice brunch in Kheng Lee Cafe, few shops away from this corner cafe in Carpenter Street.

Hubby was craving for braised meats rice so I heard this place serves nice lo bak rice. I went for my mixed curry rice. Oooo. So satisfying. RM5.50 for this plate of goodness.

Hubby's plate of braised meat rice.

And we finally did the kids' passports in UTC on 3rd day (Saturday)! Now they can fly oversea!

We did not wait for it to be done although just an hour wait as we had to rush to other place.

We collected the passports the next day after church. And they had few Ramadhan stalls all around the UTC so we bought some food home for lunch.


mun said...

Your children must be so happy to get their own passports now.

suituapui said...

I have yet to go to the Ramadan Bazaars, so so so hot, do not feel like going out. Just stay at home, turn on aircon, song-song, nice and cool inside the house.

PH said...

The weather is unbearably hot lately and I prefer to stay home. No Ramadan bazaar near my place :(

Libby said...

There is a Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai in SG, I went last year.

What a well spent and fruitful long weekend for your and your family as you all did many things.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I managed to go to the Ramadan Bazaar at Jurong West, hopefully got time to go to the one at Beach Road and Geylang Serai before it's end...

Reanaclaire said...

I will miss the Ramadan feast this year... Lots of varieties everywhere when it is the fasting month..

Nancy Chan said...

This year I visited the Ramadan bazaar once in the evening and it was so hot. I am sure the children will be looking forward to their first overseas trip!

Sharon D. said...

Long weekends are nice. Families get to lepak with each other.
I have yet to visit any Ramadhan Bazaars ..looking forward to it this weekend! ^.^