Friday, June 23, 2017

As good as I heard

Hubby worked in Miri for about 4 months after Sibu and when he stayed there, he loved to go to this restaurant in Miri Waterfront. Restaurant Muara. An Indonesian cuisine of lalapan and other specialty.

Last year, it opened its first outlet in Kuching in Icom Square, Pending. I have not been to Icom Square but many food courts, restaurants and cafes are mushrooming there.

And on one fine Sunday, I were craving for ayam penyet and hubby brought me and kids here.

Restaurant Muara, opposite Warung Nusantara.  No need for hubby to bring me to Miri for a taste of lalapan as he has been telling me how good was the lalapan and wanted to bring me there one day. Now they have an outlet right here.

The 4 outlets as shown in the menu. 3 of them are in Miri.

So many lalapan to choose from. Chicken, fish, squid but we decided on chicken to go with our rice.

It was too hot to sit outside so we had a table in the air-con place. Nicely set up and clean place. 

Soon our dishes came. My ayam penyet with a plate of white rice. Big slices of cucumbers, blanched long beans and cabbage to go with the spicy sambal. 

Ayam penyet

Trust me, when I said the sambal was spicy, it was spicy. Really hit the tastebud!!

Ayam penyet

As for lalapan (which means "vegetables as side dish"), the platter was almost similar to ayam penyet except they serve cincaluk instead of sambal.
Lalapan ayam

They also give a piece of deep-fried tempe and beancurd. Before you eat, you squeeze in the lime juice onto the cincaluk. Now I know why my hubby loves the lalapan so much. The dipping, really bring out the flavour.


The ayam penyet was as good as I heard from hubby. I personally loved the juicy deep-fried chicken. Crispy skin, meat was succulent. Got to eat together with the sambal and other vegetables. And I have to mention again, sambal was spicy till I had to take 2 glasses of drink! Lol.

Total of RM57.10 for 2 ayam penyet and 2 lalapan ayam plus drinks. I would not mind to come back for its lalapan keli (catfish) and other lalapan.

Hari Raya is this weekend, so wishing all Muslim friends and readers, Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays!!


Sharon D. said...

I first tried nasi lalap in Sabah, along the way to Kundasang, Rose. Fell in love with it straightaway! This looks super delicious. Wish I could have a taste.. ^.^

mun said...

i would like to eat the cincaluk dipping!

Nancy Chan said...

Both orders look delicious. I am interested in the cincaluk dipping. Sounds great from your description.

suituapui said...

Looks really good. My cousins are currently head over heels in love with the nasi kerabu at Dapo, somewhere at Nanas Road, I think, near Old Rex.

Libby said...

I learned a new word today ie. lalapan

Imemily said...

wow looks good the dishes :D

Merryn said...

Ayam penyet with cincaluk. Sounds good to me. I am salivating reading your post. Yums!

lina said...

Wahhhh sure looks and sounds good.