Friday, June 2, 2017

Heading that way

Yesterday being the first day of Gawai, we went to Serian to visit a friend's house. We spent about an hour there; catching up and having homecooked lunch before making our move.

Pansuh chicken


Braised duck

My plate of Bario rice with yummy dishes

Since we're heading that way home, hubby suggested to stop at the Panchor hot spring. We weren't sure it opened during the holiday but we tried our luck that afternoon.

Thank god it did. Located in Bidayuh village, the Panchor hot spring was few minutes drive from the intersection to Kampung Panchor.

We actually missed the junction and had to double U-turn to go back to that junction. Our preserverance paid off in the end.

The Panchor Hot Spring from the parking lot

Nearer view

The sign

Entrance fee is RM4 per adult and RM1 for children but we paid RM10 for 5 of us. The guy at the cashier counter was kind to discount us RM1. Maybe Gawai mood and jovial to do so.

A short walk to the hot spring spot

Kids were eager to see and dip in

Everyone was in for hot water!

That square cage is the source

We spent less than 30 minutes in the hot spring because the water was very warm.  Even warmer than Annah Rais.

After our hot dipping, we headed home with a sudden gust of wind and heavy downpour followed suit. 


suituapui said...

Good for health, they say...bathing in the hot spring.

mun said...

A nice outing for the whole family. Fun for the children to dip in warm water too.

reana claire said...

Most important is spending quality time with family... nice outing.. I miss those. :)

lina said...

A nice holiday celebration with the family. :)

Emily Tang said...

I would like to go for hot spring too
we can not dip too long inside the hot pool if not we will be dizzy

Ez Vina said...

Nice. I have never been there yet.

Merryn said...

Jamie can tahan the hot spring water? It's nice to get to go to a hot spring. I dont think we have it here in KL.

Shirley Tay said...

Amazing place, dear! Admission fee is so cheap. xoxo

Nancy Chan said...

A wonderful family outings. Have a beautiful day!

Sharon D said...

I haven't been to a hotspring in ages! What a nice place for a family outing, Rose.