Saturday, April 15, 2017

Must try

It was one of the weekdays when I brought my mum for our usual weekly breakfast and marketing.

We decided to go to Siang-Siang Corner in Tabuan Jaya for breakfast. Been there twice before with my mum. I like the place as it was refurbished few years ago and the place looked cleaner and tidier. More food stalls to scout around as well. 

In this recent visit, my mum suggested I must try the Penang food stall which was at the back of the shop. Well, the stall has fried kway teow and prawn mee so I decided to go for the latter one. I were still recovering from my cough so I decided to go for something milder.

RM6 Penang prawn mee

I went for the normal bowl of har mee, not the special portion of RM8. I opted for the big yellow noodle which I personally think goes well with the sweet prawn broth.

3 big, fresh prawns as well as few thick slices of lean pork in addition to a half portion of hard-boiled egg. And did I enjoy it? I have to admit that I did liked what I had that morning. Probably the best har mee in Kuching I ever had!

If my throat was better, I would have tried the dipping sauce but I decided not to. The sauce was left untouched.


suituapui said...

Imagine, I had that in 2009 and it is still around so that clearly shows how nice it is and how well it has been doing over the years...and it's very authentic too! My friend said the guy's from Penang:

mun said...

I like to eat har mien too. Just love the taste of the fresh prawns.

Libby said...

I also having cough, took me two weeks to recover

For me, it is no chicken/no egg/no chilli and no cold water during my sickness

Hope your cough and sore throat will recover soon

PH said...

I like har mee and must have it with their special sambal.

Ez Vina said...

So long I havent had any prawn noodle, not easy to find a good one in Kuching, I prefer mine with meehun.

Sharon D. said...

I usually go for a combi of mee/mihoon when it comes to Har Mee. This looks delicious, Rose. I hope your cough goes away soon... boy, is it sticking around!

Unknown said...

Yeah, my har mee or hokkien mee I like to mix beehoon and mee.

Anonymous said...


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Nancy Chan said...

I love har mee or prawn noodle. I usually have the yellow noodles and oh, I must have the sambal dipping. Yums!

Merryn said...

Oh wow. I love Prawn Noodles. I don't remember any good ones here in PJ though.

Imemily said...

nice har mee stall :D