Monday, March 21, 2016

Saturday look like

This was how our Saturday look like.

In morning, we went for our usual breakfast place for kolo mee. After we were done, we dropped Jay to his tuition and we went to the Trinity Book Room in Ellis road to buy bible for him. He used mine so we decided to suprise him by buying him a new one. A bible of his own.

Some stuff sold in Trinity Book Room which owned by Trinity Methodist Church.


Souvenirs like bookmarks, bracelets, pencils

Pillows, towels etc

Easter egg decor

And Easter is coming soon. While we shopped, we heard some bands performing in the vicinity of the church.

It was a warm day. After picked Jay from tuition we went home and took afternoon nap. Everyone except Jan who cannot stop reading the new books that we bought from Trinity Book Room. A bookworm she is, she actually finished up all the books that day!

In the evening, we had our dinner in this restaurant. Everyone was famished and gladly the food came out without a long wait. Probably we were the 1st few tables that evening.

Our sizzling hot soft beancurd could be heard from a distance before it actually reached our table. So sizzlingly hot that we had to wait for it to cool down before digging in.

Soft taufu sitting on top of a fried egg and coated with minced meat in sweet sauce. Lovely starter to our dinner.

Next came this sweet and sour deep-fried squid. I personally prefer fish fillet to squid in this method of cooking but the squid was quite good here. Chewy and coated in batter, the sweet and sour sauce makes it appetizing.

The family's favourite, fu rong tan (fried omelette with chilli, onion, carrot, Chinese sausage and prawns) will never go wrong.

But this mei cai kou rou (steamed pork belly with preserved mustard green) was not what we enjoyed. I think we had it before but forgot how it was. 

The pork belly was too thick and fat to me. But the preserved mustard gravy was nice. Not too salty and overwhelming. We simply have to wrap this dish for takeaway as by then everyone was full to eat this.

The rest of the evening?? We spent watching tv and relaxing.


Princess Ribbon said...

Wow, Jan is a good girl, clever girl too, read up all the books.. Oooo yes, with kids, we must have that tofu minced meat with lots of gravy and 'fu yong' egg too, can't go wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So many dishes? How many of you? Just you and your three kids? Hot plate sizzling tofu looks good. Your Jan is getting prettier and prettier by the day, such a good girl - loves reading, same as my girl!

Angeline アンゼリン said...

Easter Egg décor is very nice..

Shirley Tay said...

Mmm..... although I don't celebrate Easter, I love those cute Easter treats selling in stores! xoxo

Somewhere in Singapore said...

There's Trinity Methodist Church in Singapore, didn't know Malaysia also have Trinity Methodist Church...

Yannie said...

Your Saturday was kind of relax. Shopping, napping and good food.

Ez Vina said...

It was so hot that saturday. Luckily today got a bit cloudy.

Food looks so good.

Sherry said...

is good kids have interest in reading. mine is more to toys :(

mun said...

A very fruitful Saturday. I also dislike eating pork belly with lots of fats and very little lean meat.

Nancy Chan said...

You have a very relaxed Saturday. Love all the food you have ordered. All those dishes long time haven't eaten. Looks so yummy!

Agnes said...

we always wrap unfinished dishes home..even bones for our dogs at home.

Emily Tang said...

Easter is around the corner when we see those colourful eggs :D the eggs, bean curd ordered is my favourites too

Joanne Wee said...

I love the easter egg decoration,
And the photos you taken of the foods,
They looks yummy.

Huai Bin said...

You go to Trinity?

That was my first church! :)

We went to Trinity when we were in Kuching (and now to Wesley Church, the Sibu sister church to Trinity). Cool, good to hear it's still going strong.

Rose said...

I been there once for the English session. But then we fix to Chin Fu Methodist in Pisang road. My hubby has been there since the very 1st day so we stick to that. Chinses version so I could be blur most of the times. Lol.

The Trinity is the sister of Chin Fu. We went there to buy some books, bible and souvenir. If you are here, you wouldnt recognise it! So different. And it doesnt look like church at all from the road. Wahahaha.

Sharon D said...

Good for Jan - she is amazing! :D

I'm salivating over the food, as usual! Hah! Totally wish I had a bigger stomach!