Thursday, March 17, 2016

Like a choco cake in a mug

Succumbed to dessert craving, I decided to deal with it on one fine afternoon by fixing myself this easy and quick chocolate-cake-in-the-mug!

I know, my chocolate cake looked messy but believe me, it is good considering the simple recipe and time. 

This chocolate mug treat is just what you need to boost your blood sugar on any day. This simple recipe is taken from here.

Now I could use my coffee mug to good.  *wink*

I did modified the recipe slightly to suit my sweet tooth.  So, do feel free to adjust the recipe according to your sweet preference. 

3 tbsp. plain flour
3 tbsp. cocoa powder
2 tbsp. white sugar
1/ tsp baking soda
Tiny pinch of salt
3 tbsp. fresh milk
3 tbsp. vegetable oil
3 tbsp. chocolate chips
Splash of vanilla essence

1. In the mug, mix the flour, cocoa powder, white sugar, baking soda and salt.  Stir and mix well with fork.

2. Add in milk, vegetable oil and vanilla essence.  Mix well with fork till it is smooth.  Then stir in the chocolate chips and mix.

3. Microwave the mug for 90 seconds.  Let the cake cool down before digging in. The original recipe called for whipped cream on the top but I am never a big fan of whipped cream.  A plain chocolate cake for me!


Anonymous said...

That looks like the mud cake I had at one place here, with ice cream so so nice!

Princess Ribbon said...

Oh yes, I've read this before many years ago, and still doing it today.. Just that I don't have a microwave, so I steam it.. Works the same.. Mine is 2 heaps of tablespoon of everything (flour, sugar, Milo or cocoa powder), 2 tbsp cooking oil and 1 egg, and ooohhh baking powder..

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing. Will give your recipe a try.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I have sweet tooth, i will loves it...

Agnes said...

I cut down on sweet stuff to avoid getting diabetes. This recipe looks easy.

reana claire said...

Sounds so easy, Rose ... so dessertlicous too!

ausiroo said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I've seen this chocolate cake in a mug recipe on the internet some time ago and thought of trying it out but never got round to it. Must try it soon!

ChrisAu said...

hmmm...looks like chocolate flavour ice-cream to me. Never mind, well done and keep trying!

Hayley said...

Wow, looks interesting! May be can give it a try!

Merryn said...

Ahh.. you make me crave for a good chocolate cake. Must bake again once the boys are fully recovered :)

mun said...

I am not a fan of whipped cream too. Can use Milo powder instead of cocoa?

Rose said...

No problem.

Sharon D said...

This is so convenient! Thanks for sharing, Rose. Will try this one day.