Saturday, March 26, 2016

Noodles in Yeow Kee

It was middle of the week. 

Woke up early to get the kids ready for school. When it was about 640am, I hurried the kids to school. Their school is actually very near. Just within a minute drive but I prefer to drive out early and drop them off to avoid the jam. Going to school is not a problem; it is the going back route because some day I could get stuck and unable to turn to my residential area due to the long queue if I am few minutes late.

That early morning everyone caught the glimpse of the beautiful moon in the sky. Lovely, don't you think?

The sky outside my house late in the morning

It was another warm day in Kuching.  Very warm and stuffy. 

Did not know what to have for breakfast.  In the end, I decided to go to 101 Premier for food hunt.  Yes,  I said "food hunt" because by then, I were still undecided on what to eat.

I were with my mum; as usual our weekly mum & daughter (and grandson) get-together and breakfast date.

So, we found a parking space (sometimes it could be a pain in the ass to get one at that area) and although we needed to walk a bit, we went to Yeow Kee Kopitiam for our breakfast.  It has been a while since I ate there.  Usually it was packed to the brim and hard to get a seat there.  So we were surprised to see that it was not packed that morning when we were there.

We seated right in front of the Dian Bing Hu stall as mum wanted to order from it.  She loves Dian Bing Hu so much.  And this stall serves good Dian Bing Hu in clear soup.  It has other soup varieties but mum ordered Dian Bing Hu (normal bowl for RM5) that morning.

dian bing hu

It was nice and warming bowl of goodness.  Thin, almost translucent rice flour noodle in a very clear soup, not much MSG and they using fresh handmade fish balls.

duck noodle

For me, I went for the duck noodle stall which is 2 stalls away from the Dian Bing Hu stall. Tasted the duck noodle long long time ago and I remember it was very nice.  

Besides duck meat, they also serve you 2 big meat dumplings, 2 fish balls and blanched greens to go with the noodle.

It was not as nice as I could remember it. Used to be RM5.00 back in 2009, now cost RM8.00 per plate. The duck meat was slightly salty while noodle was over-seasoned with pepper and MSG.  Not really enjoyed it but I finished my plate nevertheless; never a person that wasting her food!

Well, it was not much of a good breakfast for me in Yeow Kee, but at least someone has a good time, enjoying her dian bing hu there.  *wink*


Nancy Chan said...

Your mom's noodles looks good and price reasonable. I have not tasted duck noodle before. It must have been a disappointment to you that the noodle did not taste as good as you remembered. Happy Easter weekend!

Yannie said...

The duck noodle look very special to me. It is a bit dry, I like it soupy.

Anonymous said...

Name sounds familiar? Is there a lady there named Irene - very nice popiah and nyonya chang?

Sharon D said...

Wow...the duck noodle certainly looks delicious. Too bad it was over-seasoned!

Merryn said...

I'm never a fan of duck so I'm eyeing on your mom's bowl. Love how translucent that thing is. I don't know what that is but it sure looks good!

mun said...

I would like that bowl of dian bing hu too!

Seems like everywhere also cannot escape from traffic jam.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The duck noodle looks good...

Small Kucing said...

I have not eaten dian bing hu before. I wonder what it taste like....maybe like pan mee?

Princess Ribbon said...

I like duck rice, never tried duck noodles before.. The duck rice that I like is braised duck rice, with harm choy and braised hard boiled egg.. Nice..

Coffee Girl said...

From that angle, you look like her. :-)

Huai Bin said...

There is a good one in Sibu too (for dian bian hu) and I brought my better half to eat it once. She didn't like it. I think you have to grow up eating it to like it. :)