Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Very nice Merdeka brunch

It rained very heavily in the early morning of National Day. Thunderstorm with strong wind but what a nice weather to sleep in. I woke up around 8am and the boys were still snoring peacefully in their beds. A very peaceful morning to start off with.

By the time everyone woke up and ready, it was mid-morning and time for brunches. The rain even has stopped by then.

It's been a while since I've talked about dim sum over here.

Saw this National Day's dim sum promotion from Verynice Restaurant on the eve and I told hubby about it. And he was happily to bring me and the kids the next day to try its dim sum.

Never been to this restaurant in Rock Road for dim sum although we did been there once for roasted chicken & duck rice.

Image taken from Google

I did missed dim sum. Love to pick those steamers and got to eat one of each. Talking about varieties, Verynice Restaurant does have quite a selection of dim sum to choose from.

We were first few customers having dim sum. It was a Monday and public holiday so no stalls were open. Only dim sum stall. I believe they did this one-off promotion that day to attract customers.

What we had for our brunch.

The deep fried : Sesame balls and yam puff

Fresh prawn filling with translucent skin in Har kau

Soft and well-seasoned steamed pork rib

Others in the steamers: Char siew paus, lo mai kai, Shanghai pork buns and bamboo rolls

Personally hubby and I agreed that the sesame balls, har kau and lo mai kai were good. Others were so-so.

Lo mai kai

And when we just about to finish our dim sum brunch, my parents, sis, bro and sil came over. They also read on the special offer and wanted to try the dim sum.

By then the place was almost packed so it took quite a long time for their order to come. The cook made the dim sum based on order so it was fresh.

They ordered almost similar dim sum as ours except this juicy chicken feet. I did not taste it as I were already full and could not eat anymore.

That was our National Day's brunch. It wasn't really that great but it was very nice to bump into my family. Hubby paid the tab. We seated and chatted with them while waiting for their food to arrive before we excused ourselves.


Linda said...

It is always nice to see family, Rose, so this brightened your meal, I am sure! :)

Small Kucing said...

looks like the promotions works well leh.

Nancy Chan said...

How nice if we have dim sum promotion here too!

ChrisAu said...

How nice .... having dim sum for brunch and bump into your parents and siblings! That's wonderful!!

mun said...

I like to eat dim sum! Yummy! Your family must be surprised to see you all there.

Merryn said...

So nice to have dim sum brunch on a holiday and bumping into your family just makes it better :)

suituapui said...

Gotta try this place, dunno of any with good dim sum in Kuching. Long ago, the one at Toh Yuen, Kuching Hilton was good...and also at Holiday Inn, both no more...and the stall at Tun Jugah too (they say it was Lok Thian's), also no more. I think they have at Imperial Duck, not sure...but these would be halal ones, of course.

Princess Ribbon said...

Wah, so nice !! Dimsum, I like! When I see dimsum, I go crazy..

Sharon D said...

My favourite kinda breakfast - dim sum for me any day. I'm rarely fussy over dim sum. ^.^