Thursday, September 10, 2015

New kid on the block

Good news, Kuchingites! We are now having a new pizza franchise in Pezzo, an international brand from Singapore hitting the market. Guess what? Our well-known local food franchise, Sugarbun has acquired the license and will be opening Pezzo kiosks within the outlets.

1st kiosk in Kuching is in Sugarbun, Emart Batu Kawa, which opened on 8 August. How excited could we be?? You can mix and match and it is sold by slices or you could opt for the 14" per pan compared to 12" pan elsewhere!

Okay, together with my pizza hunters, we gone to check this kiosk more than a week ago.

We ordered 3 slices to takeaway for RM20.

We had 2 slices of pepperoni party and 1 slice of meat munchers. They were much bigger slices than the other franchise pizza outlet. Taste-wise, it was nice. Very big chunky meat slices on top with generous tomato sauce on thick bread dough. However I would prefer more cheese topping for my pizza but still it was good and filling.

The meat munchers is quite a pizza. Consists of ground beef, beef salami, beef pepporoni, turkey ham, beef bacon and sausage.

Meat munchers 

Will try out other flavours when I come here again.


Azura Chan said...

Hmmm.. a must try!

Anonymous said...

We have two now in town - one at the Sugar Bun drive thru' and another one now at Star MegaMall. I saw an ex-colleague/friend's photos of what he had at the drive thru so I asked him...and he said expensive and not nice. That is why I never bothered to go and try.

I clicked their Facebook page - it has SG at the end so my guess is it is a Singapore franchise - no wonder so expensive, our miserable ringgit no value now. A friend in Kuching bought one whole pizza, RM30. SO expensive for a franchise stall/outlet. I'd stick to my favourite Italian restaurant in town - none of their pizzas as much as RM30 and theirs are very very very nice.

Linda said...

With the economy the way it is and with all the stores and restaurants closing, it is so nice to see a new one! It looks very nice, lovely colours and good food! :)

Merryn said...

The one that you had was thick crust or thin?

Rose said...

Thick. I am not sure they have thin crust as they did not ask.

Sharon D said...

Wow..that looks yummy! ^.^

mun said...

These pizza slices really look delicious!