Friday, September 11, 2015

In this swelter

It is coming to mid-September but looked like the haze and heat still followed suit from August. And it is getting worse!

It isn't easy to find great comfort in this swelter but here are some survival tips to share with you.

*Image courtesy of a cousin*

1. Stay indoor as much as possible
Do your best to stay indoor. If not possible, please wear face mask when you are going out.

2. Stay hydrated
Drink a lot of fluid (not those coffee and tea, ok? ^^) to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Switch on that air purifier
Keep the air clean with air purifier. If you do not have air purifier, boil some water and let the steam purify the air in your house. Add lemon or lavender essential oil for that added benefit!

4. Healthy diet
Keep a healthy diet and eat your fruits before each meal. If possible, avoid spicy or oily food.

5. Stay hygienic
Keep hands clean at all time by washing with soap and water. Bathe few times to keep cool and hygiene. 

6. When going out
Bring along hand sanitizer, wet tissue, eye drop and mask when you need to go out. And drink enough fluid and try not to stay under the sun for too long.

Hope you find this post useful. Anyone would like to add any tips, you are most welcome to leave your comments.

Happy weekend, guys! (haze-free weekend *fingers crossed*)


Hayley said...

Yes yes, hazy everywhere!! :(

Very good and useful tips!

Linda said...

Great tips, Rose, thank you! I cannot take heat of this magnitude.

Nancy Chan said...

Thank you, Rose for useful tips! Today's haze is the worst, visibility is very low and can even smelled the burnt smell in the air.

Libby said...

Oh when can we see clear blue sky?

suituapui said...

Bad in Kuching, planes could not land - delays and cancellations. Yesterday was a good day in Sibu, it rained quite a bit in the morning and by evening, I could see clouds and blue sky - not haze-covered, so dark and gloomy.

What I really hate is when the haze is already bad, people will still go out and burn things in their garden. Brainless, no consideration for others and themselves. So sickening!

Sharon D said...

Great tips, Rose. It doesn't look like it's improving at my end. Praying for a better tomorrow.

Yannie said...

I have itchy throat at the moment, must be the haze. I must down with more water.

mun said...

Thank you for the tips!

Huai Bin said...

Yeah, it's getting really bad over here too.

I remember the legendary 1996 haze where you couldn't even see 1 meter in front of your car. That's crazy, nothing beats that, hope it won't happen again coz all the schools, shops and offices were closed coz we couldn't move. It was like fogging (for Aedes mosquitoes) everywhere, that's how bad visibility was.