Monday, March 30, 2015

What a March!

It has not been an easy month but am glad that it is almost end of March. Everyone was ill, and we have to deal with the unpredictably warm weather. Jamie is very moody and nearly get to my head lately. Hard dealing with his tantrum. Not even 2 and he is already showing the "Terrible 2" behaviour?

And now here I am drafting this post with a pain in my butt. Yup, you read it right. I had a little slipping accident last night at home. Did not realized the floor was wet so I slipped and hit my butt. Still sore at this point of time.

Oh boy, you could imagine how we got through the month but glad that we are getting back to our normal routine again. 

Jan and Jay are blending in well in schools and doing fine. After schools, both are busy with school works. Not much times to nap. More school works and tests are coming in this semester and that include Jay too.

Jan got good result in her 1st semester exam. As usual, her Chinese is her weakest subject. All subjects scored 90+ except Chinese. She is number 2 in her class out of 40 students. Well done and keep it up, Jan.

While both kids are in school, I can catch up on some tv and slot in some times to teach Jamie. And I have started to potty train him too. Will blog about his training soon.

Once a week I will bring Jamie to market with my mum to replenish my fridge. He enjoys his outing as he loves to see and walk around. A bit guilty as I seldom bring him and the other kids out as often as I could.

Have submitted Jay's primary school registration forms. And starting this month end, I put him and Jan into trilingual reading centre, so every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday he will have 2 hours of tuition in the afternoon while Jan only goes to Tuesday and Friday for an hour Chinese language class. I like the centre as it is 1 to 1 teaching method and more on words recognition, understanding and reading. Lesser time for them play and watch tv at home now. Lol.

Jan has been helping around more in house chore. Sometimes she helps me in the kitchen by preparing the vegetables and do the dishes. She is washing her own school shoes now.

She also manage and clean her own bedroom. Give her a little sense of responsibility so she would be more independent and take care of her small space by herself. Of course once a while I will clean her room just to make sure everything is in order.

Jay is more playful so it takes time to train him to manage his room. However he knows his duty where every afternoon after back from school, he will have his lunch, bathe and then do school works and learn. Only when both Jan and Jay finish their school works, then they can switch on the tv and watch their programmes.

Both have not been going to their swimming lesson since early this month after Jay was infected with HFMD. Maybe when the outbreak has cooled down, I shall get them to continue with their lesson.

That is how our daily grind of life looks like lately. With a little help from Jan, we manage well. Good news is that soon my hubby is transferring back and how happy are we! After 4.5 months, we are going to be together again. No more separation. Thank God for answering my prayers.


Princess Ribbon said...

God job Jan.. Clever girl in school and good girl at home helping mummy and washing own school shoes.. And great news too, hubby transferring back here :)

Linda said...

Jan, fantastic job! So nice to see this. I am also happy it is near the end of March, Rose, it has indeed been a tough month. Sending you a warm hug.

ChrisAu said...

oh... it's really a terrible month for you. Hope you feel better now. And, yes, well done Jan!! Such a good girl!

mun said...

Congrats to Jan! Happy for you that your husband will be transferring back to be with you all.

Merryn said...

Oh my goodness I have happy goosebumps reading that you'll be reunited with your hubby again. I can't imagine living my life separately like you so this is very, very good news and I'm so happy for you :)

Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeee!!!! Naked!!! LOL!!!

Congrats to your girl, well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh? Your hubby's going to move back? So soon? Gee!!! He sure gets around quite a bit. Hope he'll stay for good this time. Best for a family to stick together - especially for sons, not so good if the father is far away all/most of the time.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Jan, well done!!!

Happy to hear that your hubby will be back in 4.5 months...

trishie said...

Sorry to hear about your tough month. I'm sure things will improve. Your daughter is great and so happy to hear the news about your hubby

Hayley said...

Life sure is like that, got its ups and downs.
Anyway everything move on, hope you can recover fast!

Nancy Chan said...

Glad to hear you didn't hurt yourself badly when you fell. But you are doing a good job with the kids, even though it is not easy. Keep it up. God bless.

Sharon D said... happy to hear that your hubby will be transferred back. Great news indeed for the whole family ❤