Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Enrolment time

It is March again! This is the time when parents would be required and busy enrolling their children for primary school placement. When the children is 5 years old, they need to enrol for primary school 2 years in advance. For instance, those born in 2009 would required to enrol in 2014 for 2016 Primary One class. 

For Jay, he registered last year for a Sibu primary school as that time we did not know how long we would stay in Sibu. Since we have moved back here, I would need to re-apply for his primary one which is starting next year. So it is all over again. All those forms filling, photocopying and queues.

New enrolment is throughout the month of March. For those children born in 2010, you are required to register now. Don't forget to bring children' original birth certificate when collecting the forms from the school.

After filling up all the forms, attach together with following documents and pass back to the respective school:

1. Copy of children' birth certificate
2. Copy of parents' identification card
3. Copy of Marriage cert (of Divorce cert)
4. Proof of house address with parent's name on it such as copy of house's utility bill (i.e electricity or water)
5. A white envelope 4" × 9" with RM0.60 stamp affixed


Princess Ribbon said...

Oh yes, I read a lot of enrolling and registration in school thingy in FB in the forum I join.. I guess my time will come very soon, next year I guess, for Kz.. He's born in 2011..

Anonymous said...

What??? It feels as if he was just born yesterday and now, have to get him ready for school already. Time sure flies!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Which school you plan to register him? National School or Chinese School?

Rose said...

Chinese school

Azura Chan said...

Oh, I did not know the registration process requires to enroll two years earlier. Phew~

Emily Tang said...

wow i never know the registration for primary school placement has to be done so advance
huhu need to be an updated parents nowaday

mun said...

Very useful and good info for those looking to register their children for school.

Hayley said...

I'll be doing this enrollment thingy few years later, for Aden, haha!

Sharon D said...

Phew..that's a lot of paperwork!