Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who said it is easy??

Being a mother isn't that easy.  Being a parent with active kids isn't that easy.  Being a homemaker is not that easy.  Period. 

Every day I have to plan my day ahead.  Plan what to do, what to cook, where to go, and how to deal with my 2 active and growing children at home.  Sometimes catching up on tv is hard, especially when the kids are at home.  And getting them to shower is not an easy task.   They enjoy their shower, just the mess they make in the bathroom will make you faint! And if they do not take their afternoon naps, I would be stuck with them through the afternoon.   Cannot do much, not with them fooling and following me around. And doing laundry is neither fun nor frustrating when you have to fight with the sun for good weather.

I cook 3 meals almost every day and I do not get an off day although Sunday, I get to cook to one or 2 meals that day.  And driving my kids around, under the hot sun, fetching my eldest from her school is no fun.  I am no longer wear nice clothing as I seldom go out.  My shorts and shirts are my uniform now.  And I don't bother much about my appearance; whether I tied my hair properly or my body is sweating like hell. 

I admit that I am not the BEST  homemaker in the world.  Because I hate stinky stuff, and I hate ironing and dusting.  But I could not stand the dust settling down on the cabinets so since no one is doing it, I have to do it.  So whenever I do dusting, I will sneeze like hell.  And I gag whenever I wash the toilets.  And hubby complained my ironing sucks!  Well, I told you I am not a good homemaker but at least I try right??  It is the thoughts that count.  At least he helps me doing some over the weekend.

And I have decided on this year's resolution.  Want to know what is my new year resolution??  Is to stay sane, look good and save some money for my holidays.  *wink*

And all my hubby thinks that I do is stay at home, doing nothing!  Hummf.


Ez Vina said...

Try to enjoy it.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Oh?! Then let him stay at home for a week!

yvonne said...

All mothers have their bad hair day. Rant it out here and you'll feel better.