Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 - upcoming events

1. A full-time homemaker now.  And a full-time mother to my children.  And also a part time blogger and part time PA to my hubby. 

2. Both kids are schooling tomorrow. My eldest is going to Primary One and Baby Jay entering Pre-1. Meaning no more late nights.  I am excited and anxious for both of them. 

3. Chinese New Year falls on 10 February.  Meaning what excuse and other good time to spend more??  And not forgetting our first year of CNY in new house, so being the mistress of the house, I would need to prepare all the necessary.   I am excited!

4. A wedding on 15 February- my SIL is getting hitched and wedding is held in Sibu.  So Sibu, here we come!

5. Going to get baptised together with the kids this year. It is time to dedicate my time to God.
6. Planning a family holiday sometime middle of the year, but that depends on hubby's availability.

7. If money and time permit, we shall have another family vacation end of the year, to Singapore.  Have been talking about going to Universal Studio.

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Coffee Girl said...

Happy New Year Rose! All the best in your 2013 undertakings/endeavors/tasks etc. =)