Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alone in the pool

When ever I am bored or have some times to spare, I would spend about an hour in the swimming pool.  Have been in the pool few times and I like it in the morning.  Because the sun is warm and water feel nice and warm.  Nowadays the sun shines pretty bright early in the morning but set pretty fast in the evening.

Besides the sun and water, I love the alone time in the pool.  No one use the pool.  I guess mostly the residents over here gone to work so no one using it in the morning. So the pool belongs only to me in the morning!  It feels nice when no one there to ogle you in your swimming wear.  Not that I care. 

I do my aqua-aerobic in the pool.  I don't swim that well, so aqua-aerobic is a great exercise in the pool. Some simple aerobic movement in the pool.  So now you know my secret.  Why I prefer to have the pool all to myself.  *wink*  I guess the nearby houses would be wondering what I am doing in the pool moving like that?!  *wink*  

But who cares? I feel great after the exercise.  :) 


Hayley said...

Swimming is such a great exercise for the whole body!

wenn said...

oh..that's fun..

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I just love swimming.