Monday, January 7, 2013

Morning breakfast

It is an usual Monday morning.  Kids are in school and I am having breakfast with my mum in Jalan Sekama since I needed to go to Toyota to pay hubby's car loan installment.  I suggested to mum for a noodle breakfast in J.P.H. Roasted Cafe (behind Dorset Boutique Hotel).

This cafe only serve roasted meat either with rice or noodles and their business are hot, especially during lunch time.  I understand that the owner is a West Malaysian and has been in business over here for few years now. 

My mum ordered mix meat rice.  She never fancied noodles.  RM6.00 per plate consisting of roasted duck, roasted chicken and roasted pork.
I have its duck noodle which is RM4.50 per plate.  Love its roasted duck.  Juicy and tasty.  And the noodle is so much that I cannot finish it up.

I would surely recommend this place to any friends from outstation and overseas.  If you want to find good roasted meats, you must try this place out.

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Libby said...

The roast duck looks so yummy, juicy and tasty. *Slurps*