Friday, January 18, 2013

Not chopstick person

It is no secret.  I am not a chopstick type of person.  Never been.  Even when I go out I would request for a pair of spoon and fork.  Not only for my children but for myself too. 

Don't blame my parents for not teaching me this Chinese cutlery mastery.  From my family side, my mum is great with chopsticks.  As kids, we learnt by looking at others.  But yet I could not master it properly.  It takes skills and not everyone can master them well.  The correct way of picking food with chopsticks is only the top stick moved.  But for me, both sticks move and as long as I can pick up food, it is fine.  I always have tough time picking dishes in restaurant.   And always embarass myself when the food I picked fall into the serving plate again.  So I ended up asking hubby to serve food for me when we have dinner in restaurants.  Now he gets used to it and will automatic pick dishes for me.  Now you know why.  Not because he is gentleman but the poor wife does not want to embarass herself in front of strangers.  Lol! 


Hayley said...

Hmm, I think being able to use chopstick is useful and handy, especially for Chinese.. Hehe.

Have a great weekend Rose.

Broccoli Ginger said...

Oh. now we know. :) But it's ok lah, no big deal.