Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Menu #26: Taste of Bako

Yesterday afternoon together with my mum and sis, we went for a ride to Bako.  It has been ages since I been to Bako and Muara Tebas.  When I was small, dad used to bring us to Muara Tebas to visit the famous Muara Tebas temple on the hill (and on the way we will dropped by Bako).  

That time the roads were bad and it takes more than an hours ride.  But yesterday it was less than 30 minutes drive to Bako.  Hubby wanted bring us for a lunch at this Bako restaurant which overlooking the river.  It was a old wooden shop but suprising a lot of people came to eat at this old restaurant.  And we can see many activities surrounding the river too.   

We have a wonderful lunch.  Plus drinks, the meal costs RM100.00.  Not bad.  I would definitely ask hubby to bring us over there again.  If not, my girl will nag his dad to bring us because she enjoyed the scenery and some crabs on the mud.

We ordered its bamboo clam cooked in white wine.  Very nice.  Something different than having its cooked in curry powder. The bamboo clams were so fresh and no sandy taste! 

Its famous deep fried squid.  Very fresh and tasty. I ate a lot of these sinful food!

Fresh steamed fish covered in their special sauces.  Tasted like black bean sauce.

Their signature fried taufu.

Stir fried kai lan

The old wooden shop.  The restaurant is the one next to this grocery shop.

Beautiful Bako river.  The sampan and speed boats are means of transport over here

A special treat for the birthday girl!


suituapui said...

Daughter's birthday? Happy birthday to her, God bless always.

Bako? My time in the 70s, had to take a boat to go there... Nice seafood!

アンゼエリン said...

I love the squid fritters...crunchy goodness.

lvynana said...

Never been to Bako myself.

Hayley said...

All the food looks good!

Small Kucing said...

food certainly looks delicious

Kristie said...

yummylicious food!!!!!!!!!!

Libby said...

I love the fried squids and kai lan, yummilicious to the max!

mNhL said...

It;s been quite some time I did not eat that bamboo clams. The fried squid looks so good.....happy b elated b'day to your girl.