Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Short note

A short update from me. It is a busy week for me.

I had an early start at the shop today, after picking up one of my staff and breakfast, we opened the shop before 10am.

Both kids are down with cough and flu. Too much night baths I told hubby! hahaha! And I also got the infection too. Have been sneezing for few days now, but the weather was extremely hot that I cannot resist taking cold drinks almost every day.

I cannot afford to be sick because I am doing stock check at the shop today. Now I am taking a short break. Dizzy looking at all those stocks.

Hubby is supposed to go to KL tomorrow but he declined the trip. One second, he said he is going and the next second, he told me he is not going! I also not so sure he is going or not! Averagely he is flying to KL for training once a month. Not all the staff but only performing staff is entitled to go.

I need a break! I mean a real break from work! Holiday! Probably not this year. Sigh!


Sheoh Yan said...

I am tired too, not physically, but mentally tired. I don't want a holiday, I just want to stay at home and rest.

Hayley said...

You can't fall sick, so have to take good care of yourself!

yvonne said...

Take care, Rose.

Kristie said...

take a break whenever u can k, *hugs*

lvynana said...

Take care.