Thursday, April 19, 2012

For a week

The kids' baby sitter is on leave for 6 days. Just passed Day 1 today and 5 more days to go. And I have already exhausted looking after them for a day! Lol!

So for the next few days my itinerary is the same as any normal day just that I need to tag my little boy along and picking up my little girl. So our days would more or less go as follow:

7.35am Sending little girl to her kindergarden

8.00am Bringing Baby Jay for breakfast

9.00am Opening shop

12.15pm Picking little girl from her school and have lunch

1.00pm Home, shower and nap time

6.00pm Dinner

7.00pm Mending the shop

9.30pm Closing the shop and heading home

So I don't think I would have time to go online, plus do much posting and blog hopping since I am much occupied with my 2 kids. And I do not have internet connection at home and hubby mostly bring his iPad to work.

Well, I have to admit that comparing with working at the shop, it is more tiring looking after 2 kids. Physically and mentally. But I am loving it. I hardly have time with my 2 kids so it is a good opportunity to spend some times with them. Have a taste of how it is to look after 2 naughty kids. After all I have always wish to be a homemaker in the future. So I cannot complain much. *wink*


wenn said...

rue..i prefer to work than minding the kids..

Kristie said...

haha ya some people can't stay home to look after kids... so ur wish is to be SAHM?

Yee Ling said...

I think I prefer to work even though can get very stress at times.

Sheoh Yan said...

It is not easy to be a full time homemaker, but then it is even tougher to be a full time working mommy and an evening homemaker. Juggle between work and family are even tougher. Right?

lvynana said...

Have a great time with your kids!

Hayley said...

Relax.. I'm sure you can do it!

Take care and have a nice weekend~

Libby said...

Enjoy bonding with your kids, take care and have a good weekend.

yvonne said...

I love nurturing the kiddos myself, but sometimes I prefer to work. I'll turn into a monster mama when left too long with my 2 kids.

Getting home from office and we tend to get 'closer' after a long hours apart :)

Coffee Girl said...

Soon they'll grow up and we'll wish they were kids again. dilemmas... Have fun with your kids!