Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Menu #24: My favourite soup

I have been addicted to soups since I met my husband 10 years ago. Being a Foochow, he grows up drinking tonic and health soups. So whether I want or not, I learnt to take soups and end up, I am loving them. However I still not acquire to Patin soup (black soup) because I still cannot stand the smell and taste. I will fall sick immediately after taking this Pa Tin soup.

I mostly cook chicken soup because #1 I love eating chicken; #2 easier to prepare than pork.

And one of my favourite chicken soups is this mushroom chicken soup.

I will usually buy the thigh and drumstick parts as hubby and myself love to eat those parts. Most of the times I will get the butcher to remove the skin and chop into smaller pieces so save my times in the kitchen.

Just add in chicken meats, sliced shiitake mushroom, sliced gingers and few garlic bulbs into boiling water and cook for about 2 hours, you will have a great chicken soup to enjoy with your bowl of rice.

If hubby, he will just scoop his rice into the bowl of soup and enjoy in front of tv. *wink*

So, what is your favourite soup??


Nick Phillips said...

I love soup too and my favourites are chicken broth or ham choy soup! Absolutely yummy!

Small Kucing said...

Me, i usually cook soup nearly daily

Libby said...

My favourites are the ABC soup (ie. carrot and potatoe pork ribs soup) and the ham choy duck soup.

wenn said...

so easy to prepare..must try one day

Libby said...

I had featured sushi in my blog, do visit it when you are free. Cheers! By the way, I am checking in your blog everyday so keep the posts coming in!

yvonne said...

Oh, I love Patin soup although it is quite 'heaty' and some ppl tend to fall sick after taking it.

Normally I try to reduce the ingredients of Patin so that the smell and taste is not that obvious :)

Sheoh Yan said...

My last weekend soup is Chinese Yam (wai san in cantonese) with pork. I love soup too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Very healthy. I love both ingredients alot.

I am not a soup lover. But I enjoyed cooking soup for my family. They like it alot!