Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bring back nostalgia

Brought my mum for breakfast this morning and after breakfast I had a rest at her place since it was still early to open my shop.

Suddenly my mum came to me and told me she found my secondary school report book while doing some spring cleaning last week! What? OMG! It was about 18 years ago I left my secondary school. Holding and reading through my report book brought back many bittersweet memories. I did miss my school days. And I jokingly asked my mum, "What about my primary school report book?" Lol!

Hubby has agreed for me to bring my old organ to new house. Since no one is playing and it has been collecting dusts for many years since I stopped playing when I was in my twenty, it would be good to move it to new house. Maybe I can practise my skill again. And my mum asked me why I enrolled little girl in piano lesson, not organ. Well, little girl choose piano, so I never thought of changing her mind. My old organ needs some tuning. This organ costs around RM3000 that time. Wonder how much it is worth now??

Well, I managed to dig some old organ music books and papers out this morning. I got most of my books, may need to find those loose papers some other day. Luckily everything is still in good condition. Hope I still remember how to play my organ. It has been 15 years since I stopped playing.


yvonne said...

Wah, still keep the secondary books and items.

I think mine had gone to the old newspaper vendor long time ago, hihi!

Sheoh Yan said...

I wonder where is my report cards. I wish to have them now, so that I can show to my kids.

Libby said...

Haha, I still keep my primary school and secondary school report books too! Memories memories... remembered that my conduct was good and my grades were not bad too then, *shyless* me!!! LOL

Small Kucing said...

i still have my primary school report cards :P