Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nothing more important than...

Just when I thought of giving it up, suddenly it feels like God is giving me an answer to my problem. Would it be wise for me to continue and give it a try? Or probably I have not try hard enough?

The idea of giving it up is very appealing. First of all I would no need to be stress thinking about targets. And will have a day off and enjoying with my family without any worries. But there is the anxiety.

The worry of money will be there, at the back of my mind. Please, some one tell me that money is not important. Yes, some things are more important than money, but money is a mean of getting things through.

Kids sure are expensive nowadays. Think about it for a second. From birth, their clothing, milk, disposable diapers, and stuff are very pricey now. Just the other day, my pregnant girl friend told me on having problem finding cheaper and yet good quality clothing for her new baby. if not the arrival of my nephew last year, I would have passed some baby stuff to my girl friend. Then when kids grow up, you have to pay for the school fee. And if any extra activities like music, arts etc, those classes not cheap either.

Every day we are struggling with bills and debts. House loan, car loan, credit cards, household bills etc. So if no money, then how are we going to settle all those stuff? Hmm.

A relative asked me before. Which one is important to you? Career or family? I said "Both". I never a homemaker type. I want to be successful in both aspects, may it be career and family. And a career without family is meaningless in life. So it is matter of how you manage your career and family. But in the end if you ask me to choose, I would rather lose career than my family.

Every days I would be going home looking tired with haggard eyes. Some day I will ask myself "Is it worth it?" But one thing will always cheer me up. One thing that will make me think that it is all worth doing. My family! My children! Yes, they make me keep trying hard and never lose hopes. And God has shown me a way to do it. God really listen to our prayers. Thank you very much for answering them.


Small Kucing said...

wondering what is happening over there. Hope everything will turn out well and goes smoothly for you and your family whatever it is.

Libby said...

I am a new reader of your blog, your blog is really nice to read, are you running your own business? that's great, better than working for people. Do visit my blog too at www.libbyfu.blogspot.com and leave me comments when you are free, by the way mamabliss in the blogs you follow is my ex-colleague. Cheers.

Sheoh Yan said...

Family always comes first, the rest is not so important anymore. You stay easy.

yvonne said...

I agree money makes the world goes around. I love my family (and money). At the same time, I enjoy getting my own income.

I would answer the same as you, if someone asked me, "Which one is important to you?".

Everything will turn out fine, Rose. Stay positive!

lvynana said...

I feeling not-so-great also this week, my kid having a bad cough, I just cannot concentrate on my work when they are not well :(

Thank God you found your answer!