Friday, February 10, 2012


It is hard to find good food and yet affordable. Standard pricing is RM5.00 for almost every food you get over here except Kolok Mee and Laksa, unless you asked for special portion. The Chinese economy rice would cost you about RM4.00 for 2 vege and 1 meat.

Found a nice plate of nasi lemak at 3rd Mile (opposite the Police Station) today. A Malay stall who serves nice Malay food. Its Nasi Lemak Special only costs RM4.00.

My little girl like me, loves to eat nasi lemak minus the sambal of course. She can finished up this plate of rice herself. She has pretty good appetite but only finish up those food that she likes.

On serious tone, it is hard to encourage her to eat more and be more adventurous in eating other food categories. As young, she only want to eat fried food. Anything soupy or not crispy, she would not take! And she does not take egg yolk, do you believe that?? Sometimes I am at my wit end in feeding her. And she will complain to her grandparents that she is always hungry in the morning! Gee! That makes me like a bad parent.

But good thing is that she does not take much snack and sweets. So worry about her lack of nutritions intake I give her Chlorella and Spirulina supplements on alternate days.

So how do you encourage your little picky eaters to eat more???


wenn said...

nowadays kids can be very picky..

Small Kucing said...

ahem...mine is like Masjlis Bandaran :p

Broccoli Ginger said...

cook the food that they like to eat again and again till they're bored! :P

Merryn said...

Ethan doesn't take egg yolk too but he loves the egg white. He doesnt take fruit so I double his vege intake. We just have to see what they like and make the most out of it I guess..

suituapui said... mah! All city people very rich one. Muahahahaha!!!!

Rose said...

Ai yo Arthur, I am trying to teach my kid not to waste food. Sometimes have to bribe or blackmail her into finishing up her plate. Sigh!