Saturday, February 25, 2012

After Dawn

It took me about a month to sort and save my CNY photos from my camera into pc. A lot of excuses but lazy is the main one for my procrastination. Lol!

I always love to take photographs of food, flowers and scenery besides my two growing kids. Those are the memories that we can treasure as time will not wait for any of us. So, while reminiscing those photographs we taken during CNY, I want to share with you this beautiful photo. Supposed to take the first light of the CNY Eve, but too busy with 3 kids in the car, so I missed out on the dawn. But it was still beautiful to look in the morning sky. Taken slightly before 7am on 22 January. Don't you feel alive looking at the morning light???

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Coffee Girl said...

Where's the view, on the way to Sibu? Nice! Driving at dawn is the best time esp when not much cars' around and ur practically Queen of the road!

Rose said...

Yes. On the way to Sibu! Love the fresh air and cold wind blowing on your face! ;p