Friday, February 17, 2012


I am not so sure about you guys but I found that some websites need instead of one password but 2 sets now to write in the comment box. And the 2nd password usually illegible and hard to decipher. However so far I got them correct. Any one feel the same as I do?

More than a year ago I blogged about this customer of mine who eventually become a good friend. Mr H seldom dropped by the shop now. Most of the times he will call and order the stuff he wants and I will deliver to his house which is not far from the shop.

Mr H in his 70s is staying with his youngest son, daugther-in-law and 2 grandchildren. I met the daughter-in-law and son and never like the first impression of the son. The daughter-in-law is the quiet type. I never had a good first impression of people but this time I am right. This son is very fierce looking and his temper is nothing better. One time, I saw he scolding Mr H so loud everyone was looking at them. And poor Mr H can be seen wanting to cry and with his head lowered, walking at the back of the son toward the car. ***Shock** That is definitely not the way to talk to a father! And few weeks ago when I was delivering some stuff over, the son was at home. And he did not talk nicely to me, but grumbling about his father who buys so many supplements and make him sick. **Surprised** I just do what my customer wanted me to do. I did not force him to buy my products. And please be polite when you talk to someone

Last time when Mr H dropped by the shop, he will always complained about his daugther-in-law; about not providing food for him and always not around the house. Bla bla bla. This is family matters, so I would never interrupt and intervene in their affair. I merely listen. You know, old man. At that time, I did not believe that his daugther-in-law is mean to him. Mr H's wife is not staying with him, but in Singapore with another daughter. I knew Mr H is an old grumpy man and he tends to talk and talk and complaining non stop, but for his age, he is still in good health. He needs attention. I believe his son did not give him those attention and love he needs.

Now he seldom came in. The daughter-in-law refused to drive him around. And just a few days ago, my staff met the whole family dinner in SCR. And when my staff told me the story, she was in anger. Why not?? The whole family was dining with many dishes on one corner while leaving the old man eating alone in another corner with a table apart and only having a plate of chicken rice. What the?????

Gosh! My personal message to the family : He may be old and long winded, but he is still your father. Be respectful. Don't treat him bad! You will regret it when he is no longer around


Mummy to QiQi said...

there might be stories behind this family that we may not know, but to an eye of an outsider, seeing this old man sitting and eating at one corner is saddening hor....poor man. And his son forgot himself is showing a very bad example to his own kids man :(

wenn said...

true..we should respect the elderly..

Sheoh Yan said...

Mr.H's son and daughter in law are really bad. I believe what goes around, comes around. They will get what they deserve one day.

lvynana said...

I thought this kind of thing only happens in Tv.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Sigh, ppl often appreciate things when they are no longer around. We don't know what causes the family issues but no matter how, still have to respect...

Btw, I was just grumbling now Blogspot blogs need extra captcha code which is very hard to read. Dislike!