Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brought from Sibu

Never forget to eat the famous Sibu kampua when you are in Sibu. And for souvenir, you will never go wrong with some pork-stuffed kompia and Sibu kam (local oranges).

Eat it while it is hot! Yummy!

Don't really fancy Sibu kam because I don't really like sour fruits. My mum loves it the most!

Never know there are so many types of oranges (kam). This is called "Limau susu". Guess you know why it is called that name.

Authentic Sibu kam???

We started our journey to Kuching around 1130am and we stopped at Lachau around 3pm for lunch. There is one corner shop (next to Pasar Tani) that sell great Chinese economy food. Really taste good but very little portion. I even commented that the girl dished out the dishes so little I can count the meat! Sigh!

We continue our journey to Serian and we stop for toilet break before heading back to Kuching. We reached home around 6pm. Phew! Tired, because I could not sleep in the car while holding Baby Jay who suddenly down with fever. Glad that he has recovered from his fever, diarrhea, flu and cough. He has not been that well before the trip and it got worse in Sibu. Play, eat and drink too much but did not rest well. Lol!


Magdalene Blue Rose said...

i like the first pic punya food~ xD

Coffee Girl said...

Been a while since I ate kompia fresh from the oven. sigh... Anyway, limau bintangor has a sweet fragrance, the sour the better, makan dgn garam. yumm!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i miss that fruit i like that. Iused to eat it when I was in the Philippines but here it is hard to find one.

thanks for your nice comment on my blog, my daughter is 2 yrs old soon to be 3.

I just followed your blog.


Merryn said...

the kompia looks yum yum!