Saturday, July 9, 2011

Skinny me?

Hubby commenting that I am too skinny. I think my current weight is okay for my height. 48kg for 152cm. Skinny meh??

I have got back to my pre-pregnancy weight and die-die I will maintain my current shape and weight. How I do it? My formula as follow:

#1 Stress
How can you think of food when under stress? May it be family related stress, work related stress or other type of stress, I would not be thinking much about eating.

#2 Long working hour
It means busy. When busy, I would not be thinking about food

#3 Diet
Eat less fried food and carbohydrate, eat more vegetables.

#4 Light housework
I have not been going to any aerobic or gym for few years now, so I do some light house chore like cleaning the room. I can never finish cleaning up the room. Everyday there would be mess around. Sigh!

#5 Supplement
I rely on supplement to replenish any nutritions that I may not be able to obtain from food

#6 Kids
Tell me who never lose some weights with kids around. Running after them, screaming after them and cleaning after them. Already enough to make your adrenaline runs high!!

#7 Sex and sleep
Do I need to explain this further? It enhance better relationship with your other half and same time, sex is good exercise too. And not forgetting quality sleep at night.

So I jokingly told my hubby few nights ago, if want me to grow fat then have to treat me to supper every night! Lol! I think he could not afford to because if I gain weight, he will automatically gain more because he has to accompany me to eat.

So what is your post-pregnancy weight control???


eugene said...

Just the other day, my lovely wife was sharing this with her friends,she was 20 over kilos increased in weight,so after pregnancy, she was bad in health,when she joined me running, she now looks stunning,,,,,

exercise is the key to maintain weight...........

Mummy Gwen said...

Then I'm super skinny already..hehe. My weight is 45kg and I'm 160cm tall.

Broccoli Ginger said...

I think it's ok. :) You can have +2kg. I think thin is better than fat. We feel lighter and not so lazy.

Daddy, Mummy and Zoe said...

Haha...Rose, if I could have the weight..

lvynana said...

as long as you feel healthy..