Friday, July 29, 2011

My children bag

I used to have many baby bags from Anakku, & Mummycare but I guess I put so much toll on them, they all worn out. Probably the children stuff are too heavy for them. Lol! So recently I resorted to organise my children bag better and never buy any of those bags again. Now I have one or 2 bags that I recycled and turn into my children bag.

A lady will never goes wrong by owning a bag organiser. I put my mobile phone, keys, purse, lipsticks and other stuff in there. So when every time I change my handbag, I just take out the organiser and put into the new bag.

I never throw away those pouches as they come in handy. I pack a pouch with spare clothngs and napkins, and another pouch with diapers, creams and tissues.

This is actually a cooler bag but since no one used it as cooler bag, I turn it into my handy bag.

Authentic Prada bag bought by hubby from China 5 years ago. Now I turn it into a great children bag, because I like it spacey.

Still have space to put more stuff.


Small Kucing said... also need. My bag so messy. With my own stuff and son's stuffs

mNhL said...

u r so organised! Look so neat... I also used pouch to separate certain things in my bag.

アンゼエリン said...

I'm using the organizer bag as well. Easy to transfer from bag to bag. My Longchamp will be my great children bag, very soon.Lol...u have a nice weekend k.

suituapui said...

We had one for my daughter last time...but I can't remember what it was like. I guess everything would be inside, clothes, pampers, milk bottles etc...