Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Finally, I discovered the cause of my allergy near my upper lip. Not lipsticks or skincare; but seafood. When I ate prawns, the very next day I would have red dry patches on corners of my lip. Not so sure on other seashells because I seldom eat them. Prawns are common in most food like seafood noodle, laksa and fried noodle here.

It has been like this when I was pregnant with my first child. Since then, it has never heal regardless of how doctors and creams I tried. So, I just got to control it by eating less seafood.

Many women I know also have such allergy. Funny thing is it only appeared on upper lip. A staff of mine has such allergy since she was young but once she was pregnant and delivered, her allergy gone. Hormonal change I said. So good!!!


Small Kucing said...

maybe the prawns not fresh? I have a friend who have seafood allergy too but hers is if she ate any seafood that is not fresh she will get the allergy

Nick Phillips said...

I'm totally allergic to prawns too, the only difference with me is my throat will swell and I'd have difficulties trying to breathe.

lvynana said...

You shud get pregnant again, who knows it can heal. I have funny hormon changes also when pregnant.

Oliveoylz said...

Good that you have found the root cause of your allergy. No more skin irritation from now on:)