Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not so angelic

How I wish that my Princess is a baby again, not a 5yo toddler. She used to be good gil; listen to mummy, helping mummy around and such an angelic girl. But everything change just so sudden, especially this year where I feel she was so mischevious and always up to her sleeve. She talks back and rude. She does not learn that in school, I am pretty sure because I got confirmation from her teachers that she is very good girl there. So, does her brother's presence and my lack of times contribute to her change of behaviour??

How I wish I have more times for my children. When Princess was small, I spent much time with her, nurture and teach her. I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself and her as she has pick up good reading habits. She enjoyed reading books and never stop to learn. Just that her recent behaviour is pretty unacceptable. She always fight with her brother, does not give in to him, did not do the things she was told and speak back. So it was a headache for me and hubby as we sensed that she has be own personality and worry she will get worse when she goes to primary school in 2 years time.

Well, I got suggestions from other mummies around and hopefully it does work in my case:

1. Don't get angry
It only make things work and she gets more rebellious. Take some minutes to cool down first and then talk rationally with her

2. No siding
Do not side any of your kids. When they fight, and no matter who started it first, punish both. Take away their toys, no snacks etc.

3. Praise them
Like punishment when they misbehave, praise them when they are well behave. Hug, kiss, pat their head or clap hand will make them feel great.

4. Spending more times doing things your children love
Like playing with their favourite dolls, toys, building blocks or reading books. Anything to bond the quality times and show them that in regardless of busy schedule, we still love them

So, you think they will work for me? Anything else you would like to add?


Nick Phillips said...

It's part of growing up la, Rose, don't worry so much. My younger boy is also like that, stubborn and talks back to wifey ... When they get older, they'll change so don't worry :D

lvynana said...

Tough situation. Hope you can 'handle' her well :)

アンゼエリン said...

Hmm, looks like is terrible 5? My son back n rude and he is just turn 4 this year. What I did? Cool myself down n bring the cane to scare him. Sometimes got beaten lor.... But is good now....lesser answering people bec. Kids need to be teach....the rite way. I agreed wif nick opinion too...

Mummy Gwen said...

I think more of seeking attention and jealousy. My girl sometimes talks back too.