Thursday, July 21, 2011

Extra Hands

When we move into our new house, hubby is getting a live-in helper to look after the housechores and kids. At least he can take his hands off the kids (no need to look after the kids after office hours) since I have to be at the shop every evening.

It does sound good having a live-in helper. However after listening and reading about some Indonesian maids, I have second thought of having foreign maids. I had one Indonesian helper before, who helped me in the shop for 9 months but after she gone back for CNY this year, she never come back. Waste of money spend on her work permit and passport, but there is some thing we cannot control, right?

So we are looking for a local girl that would be willing to work as our maid. It would not be much work actually. Simple housechore in the morning (no need to do cleaning daily since we only at home in the evening and sleep). As for the kids, by next year both kids will be in kindergarten, so she only need to look after them in the afternoon. By evening, if I can spare my times, I would pick and bring them to my shop.

Sound smooth, but got to see once we move in and we able to get a helper. Need my MIL to find from kampung. Suppose to have one Indonesian maid, and my MIL said she is very good in work. However after working for my MIL in her canteen, the maid decided not to come to Kuching and work for us. Probably the kids factor. Not many maids want to look after kids. Lol!


Small Kucing said...

local girls also kinda hard to find. All the best of luck to you in hiring a local girl or an Indon maid. Hope you be able to get one soon

suituapui said...

Good luck. They're humans - some are good, some are not so good but they try, some are downright stupid and not in the least bothered to learn. My parents had a good one for three years. Since then, all that came...all problematic ones and all did not stay very long. Sigh!!

Oliveoylz said...

Getting a maid is really a gamble. Some have all the luck with maids but I don't. So, when my second kid came along, I decided to depend on myself..."one leg kicking"...hehehe. Tired sometimes but don't need to deal with the attitude problems of the maid. In your case, both kids are bigger already. Not so much of a concern...Good luck with your maid search:)

Zooropa said...

yeah it's really not easy to look for a good maid now. Best of luck!