Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Menu # 12: Ducky treat

First time been to Imperial Duck Restaurant. My lunch has not yet arrived, but I already salivating over the roasted duck displayed in the open kitchen. Lol!

Ta-da! My lunch treat with hubby:

Roasted Duck Rice (RM6.50)

Stewed duck (RM12.00 per plate). We finished up the whole plate till the last piece. Love the smell and taste of the succulent meat.

Our black chicken soup (RM7.00). I felt dizzy and heaty after taking the soup.

The content of the soup.

Our lunch bill. Overall, a satisfying meal although I expect my cholesterol level to shoot up. Lol.


Small Kucing said...

I have a soft spot for duck too

wenn said...

i don't quite like ducks meat..