Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Imelda at home

Who have more shoes than Imelda Marcos?? The former First Lady of Philippines has the most shoes collection than anyone.

No one can beat her but I have someone that can be described as 2nd Imelda at home. My sis-in-law!! Her shoes are piling up on the shoe racks. Sometimes my daughter and son would play with her sandals and wear them in the house. Lol! Every week she would buy new shoes, I lost count of her sandals, high heels and platform shoes. So you can say, besides diamonds, shoes is considered women's best friend too!

I seldom buy shoes nowadays. I would wear my shoes till they are worn off and unable to wear anymore! Lol! However, my latest addition is this comfy heel from Heatwave. Actually my 2nd purchase from Heatwave, I bought once long long time ago.

Nice or not??


Small Kucing said...

nice :D. I have not purchase shoes for quite sometime too

lvynana said...

I'm looking for shoes too!

琴宝贝 said...

I like heatwave too. Very comfortable.

mb said...

love these shoes! i used to wear shoes like that in Singapore - but not anymore - with a kid and cold weather - it's snow boots and ugly sneakers. hahaha!