Monday, May 30, 2011

Boss Vs Employee

Since I have been an employee (to 3 bosses) and currently a boss myself, let me share with you my experiences of both. Below are my opinions, they differ from individual, depending on other internal and external forces. *wink*

An Employee:
Working hour: Not flexible. It is fixed for you once you sign that appointment letter
Work scope: You have to do all the "good" and "bad" stuff your boss ask you to do, whether it is stated or not in the appointment letter
Friends: Your "true" friends are "stress" and "pressure" from boss
Stress/pressure level: Ranking from low to medium. Depend on the industry you are in, it can be ranking as pretty high!
Remuneration: Fixed unless you are commission earners
Relax: You can have "Happy Hours" after office hour. Or do the things you like with your colleagues aftr work or during the weekend.
Risk: What risk, other than been laid off.

A Boss:
Working hour: I am my own boss, it means the business is hours. I close shop, I do not earn anything and the costs are still running!! Not so flexible; more than 8 hours per day
Work scope: I fixed my employee's work schedule from sweeping, mopping to stocking. I do what I want to do when.
Friends: Customers are my friends. No harm making more friends with your customers
Stress/pressure level: As in my line, the level is ranked medium.
Remuneration: Not fixed. But definitely higher than what I earned when I was employed.
Relax: You can have "Happy Hours" after closing shop. But by then, you are too tired. Once a while, I sneaked out in afternoon to have some "relaxation" time. Weekend is the same like any other days and it is even busier.
Risk: Out of business, sustainability

Anything I missed out? Anyone care to share?


wenn said...

being a boss is real stressful when employees don't do as told.

eugene said...

At the end of it, if you truly enjoy what we do, employee or employer same same lah........

Rose said...

Wenn, agreed with you on that!! Make my blood boiling sometimes. hahaha!

Eugene, true true. Important is that you must enjoy what you do. :)

Small Kucing said...

each have its own pro and con. Depending what u want in life

JenJen's Place said...

In KL, if you are extremely lucky, you can be employed by a company that:
1. Have pretty flexible working hours
2. Your boss let you be your own boss. Mean that he trust you enuf to let you plan your days/activities/work/responsibilities/subordinates
3. Stress level is there no matter wat job you so but if you enjoy your work, work environment is good and colleagues are great, then the stress is balanced off.

So, overall, have pros n cons I guess. Depend to your passion, economy situation or risk tolerance level. I always think that doing business require higher risk tolerance than working for ppl :D

*My 2 cents worth*

lvynana said...

Earning more is the best part :)