Saturday, May 14, 2011

Memories of blogging

Do you have habits of reading your blog archives? I do.

I spent some times reading them when I am bored or with nothing to do. Reading those posts, bring back memories. Sometimes I do not even remember I wrote them. So it is actually quite fun reading through my own writings. Looking at the pictures of my family especially my two kids remember me of how fast they grow. I started this blog when my girl was 1 year old plus. Now she is 5 years old! It reminded me that I am getting older too.

Looking back at the archives, they bring both good and bad memories. Nevertheless they are my treasures and I shall cherish and pass down to my children for them to appreciate one day. *wink*


wenn said...

i treat my blogs like a diary..

Merryn said...

i love looking thru my craft blog as i can see the growth n development of ethan, from a chubby little boy to a err.. notti boy! :D

Nick Phillips said...

I hardly got time to blog these days let alone read my archives ... LOL!