Friday, April 29, 2011


It has a week since my last update!

A hectic week with some family's matter at home. Hubby is like a mad man rushing in and out the house over the weekend. Not a very great weekend anyway, but I am not going to narrate on that.

On Monday evening, Baby Jay has stomach upset (or maybe I can say, bloatedness because we suspected he ate too much!) as he kept vomitting after taking food, water or milk. Poor Baby Jay! He vomitted more than 8 times that night! Scare the hell out of us. A hell of night here. Around 1am, we brought him to Kuching Specialist Hospital for check up. Doctor could not find anything wrong, but gave us some prescription to stop his vomitting and dehydrating salt. Thank god after a night of rest he was fine on Tuesday. Even little girl missed out on her school that day, because her mummy could not wake up on time. Lol!

Then on Wednesday, hubby gone to KL for his company meeting, so leaving me with the 2 kids. Then I have a bout of gastric attack in the evening, which strained my energy by night time. Must be the nasi lemak I had for breakfast and curry chicken for lunch that day.

Little girl's 5th birthday on Thursday, and since I was unable to bring her to her favourite fast food outlet, my parents had the honour to bring her to KFC for earlier celebration on Wednesday night.

Not very easy handling 2 kids without hubby's help but I survive. Lol. Hubby will be back tonight so after I close shop tonight, together with my 2 kids, we will go to airport to pick him. Another long day.......And it is going to be a long weekend too. Happy weekend, everyone!


mNhL said...

Glad that baby Jay is fine now.

U too, take care. Gastric is my worst enemy too. If I failed to eat according to time, I will get the attack.

Small Kucing said...

ya, agree with mNhL. U take care too

Zooropa said...

It really sounds terrific! Hope u guys enjoy ourselves in the weekend :-)


lvynana said...

really hectic, but glad that you are all fine now :)