Thursday, April 7, 2011

Go out in pyjamas

Do you bring your kids out with them in their pyjamas? I thought I would never do that to my two kids but I did it once. When I was small, I would never wear pyjamas and go out. Have been taught to dress properly for outing.

So I would never do that, but I was wrong. Blame my laziness for that. There was once when hubby was hungry and craving for McD's at night, so after taking bath and lying in the bed with 2 kids in their sleeping attires, have no choice but to accompany him to the airport. Why airport? Because it has a 24-hours McD's outlet there. And about 10 minutes drive from our house too.

Before we left the house, my girl asked whether she can put on a new clothing instead of her pyjamas. I thought of staying in the car with 2 kids while hubby “tapau” so I told her not to.

That was first reminder from my girl. Then when we reached the airport and my girl seeing the McD's outlet, she also want to go out and have supper there. Since I am not in my pyjamas, so I agreed to her persistent requests. But she caught me off for a while second time. “Mummy, mummy, but me and Baby are in our pyjamas. How?”. And guess what I said?? “Never mind, little gal. Have a quick supper then go home and change into a new one”. And she replied me “Ok, mummy. But next time I do not want to wear pyjamas when I go out again.” Lol!


Small Kucing said...

guilty..have done it before

Dav DiDi said...

Hahahhaa .. this is so funny and cute

Merryn said...

lol! Tengok! Even ur anak dun want to be caught outside with their pyjamas! :P

lvynana said...

I just dress for comfort, not to impress :)

wenn said...

ya, maybe casual is better than pyjamas.

Typically Dutch said...

:) Great blog,I love the storries :)
Also I went out with two kids in pyama :) ..... Don't mind if it is only for ones hihihi