Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family's supper

Psst! I break my diet code again.

Try hard but cannot help it, once in a blue moon, I have to indulge in supper. Lol. Usually I blame it on hubby for he is the one that initiate the supper. So, I think I am gaining some weight here.

Like last night, I bought a whole spring chicken for RM13.00. Nothing to shout about, as the meat too dry for me and they did not give me any gravy or sauce to go with the fried chicken. End up, we dipped our chicken in Maggi Chilli Sauce. You would not believe it, but the four of us finished up the whole chicken! *wink*

As I handed my hubby last piece of drumstick, my little boy was shouting and had his hand out for it. Baby Jay grew excited seeing a drumstick and we can hardly get the drumstick off his hand. Once I handed the drumstick to him, it was like a trophy to him, as he happily showing off his drumstick around and nibbled it. Maybe that because he did not get a chance to eat a drumstick when he turned one year old last year> The Chinese believes in giving a one year old a piece of drumstick to commemorate his or her birthday. So it was redemption time for Baby Jay.


Small Kucing said...

mine too didnt get to eat drumstick at the door when he was 1 y o

wenn said...

drumstick is best for kids..easy to hold and bite too.

eugene said...

So happy to see the boy holding drumstick and walloping it,,,, it reminds me of the young days of my two boys,,,

hey happy election,, make that change ya,, hahahahah

take care ow