Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 years of my thoughts

November 30 2007. That was the day that everything started here. 3 years have gone and I have been through the ups and downs as a blogger and a person. I cannot believe that I have gone this far.

I have followed food blogs for a year before starting my own blog. It was hard to decide what for my blog, but end up a chuck of everything in one blog. I thought that I should have a place to store my thoughts, update on my life and create a space for my children to read when they are older.

The first time I blogged, I was blogging about my little gal. That time she was a year plus, but now she is 4 years old plus. Now I am a mother of two adorable children. Last time I was working in my first and the longest employment as a marketing personnel. Now I am an entrepreneur and doing MLM. Life has indeed changed since then. There is no turning back for me, but I am happy with what I have and achieved so far. Hopefully more to come.

Along the way, I met many nice and wonderful bloggers. They inspire me one way or another with their postings. Although we never meet, but almost every day we will visit each other blog and make comments. The thought of leaving comments make one feel appreciated because it takes time for people to read your post and write comments in the comment box. So there are true friends that you can meet in the blogging world. I know I did!

Never thought of making money out of blog; although I did have some in my Paypal account. Lol! What is interesting about blogging is that it is your personal blog, you can write what ever you want to and should not be judgemental about what I write. All are my personal opinions and what interested me in my daily life.

I still love to write in my blog. I shall continue to do so and hopefully more will come along the way......Happy blogging everyone.



Small Kucing said...

Happy 3rd anniversary to "Rose's World" and hopethere will be plenty more to come

Kristie said...

Rowena, u are doing very well and I salute u! :)

TripleJin said...

happy blogging to you too!!

may you and your family have a blessed and prosperous year ahead!!