Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas mood

Christmas is coming soon. Everywhere is decorated with beautiful garlands, wreaths and Christmas trees and Christmas songs are played. Don't you like December?

I love December because it is the last month of the year and it is the most festive month of all months. Started with school holiday, then Christmas and New Year. Not to mention the famous Year End Sales with a lot of bargains and offer from the shops. It also means time to gather around family and friends. Usually we will have dinner at our usual cafe on the Chrismas and New Year eves, but have yet to decide where to celebrate this year.

Have you put up your Christmas tree? There would not be any tree for us this year. Too lazy and no time to put it up.....Lol!


Merryn said...

I love December for the holidays, for the year end, for Christmas.. and most of all I love December becoz I was born this month :D

Small Kucing said...

yup have put up my Christmas tree :D

Nick Phillips said...

I've always loved December :D

wenn said...

i love mas mood but no tree for me.