Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Long hiatus

Sorry for the long absent. I have been going around other blogs to read and make comments, but too lazy to post in my blogs. My time is feed up with nothing but things. Busy with everything from family to business. Hubby started his first day at work in bank yesterday. So the "picking kids from nanny" job is back to my responsibility.

The weather has been very wet lately. So I seldom do the laundry at home, sending my dirty laundry to laundry centre for washing. Even the centre taukeynio recognised and know my laundry well. Lol! Wait till I get my new house and have a dryer.

Talking about my new house, hubby said the contractors may start some extension work this month. Maybe not in time to move in before Chinese New Year as we have yet hunt for furniture etc. So we shall take our times on moving in.

On my business, it has been both rewarding and stressful. Rewarding because I can see slowly my customers are building and so is my personal network. At the end of the day, network is the ultimate objective. Slowly my network is building and I earn little from there, but expecting to see more next year. Stress? Like every business, there are up and downs and not every day is a sunshine day. With targets to hit, it is a challenging day every day.

As for my kids, both are doing fine. My Baby Jay is getting restless and naugthier than ever; he cannot keep still for a minute. So everytime I bring both kids to shop, my things sure go messy. Luckily I have my staff to mend the kids in shop, otherwise I could not do much there.

So if you do not see me around that often, you know that my time is used up on other important matters. *wink*


smallkucing said...

goo to hear that things are going well :D

eugene said...

You know as long as you enjoy every bit of the so called running here and there,it should be fun too.

anyway, happy to know that things are going well for you and the entire family... love to note that your business is slowly but surely picking up,, work on it ya