Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekend Menu #10: From Indonesia

A quick post on food. Hubby came back from Indonesia yesterday afternoon and as usual, he never missed out on buying souvenir or gifts back. His first trip to Potianak.

Aloe Vera dodol. Very cute. Reminded me of our Malaysian Durian Dodol
Too sweet for me!
This is my type! Yummy sticks!
We went to Kwali for a late lunch since hubby was hungry after landed in Kuching. As usual, his order was ulam and nasi lemak special.

As for me, I tried its chicken chop. The portion is just nice but slightly expensive for me. Around RM12.00 per plate.


smallkucing said...

ooo...the chicken chop look so small

mNhL said...

The chicken chop's sauce is so generous. I don;t like dodol too. Too sweet.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Aloe Vera is called Lidah Buaya in BM? I did not know, hehe.