Saturday, November 13, 2010

No vacations

School holiday is just around the corner. And it means my little girl will be away for almost a month to be with her grandparents. The other day while chatting with my MIL, she reminded me again on my girl's holiday. I normally pack her stuff on the night before, so no hurry there. My MIL even joked about bringing Baby Jay home but since either me or hubby not tagging along, she is worry Baby Jay will be homesick. Since he was born, he has never been away from home, so it is not a good risk to take.

It has been more than a year since hubby and myself went back to his hometown. Now with my business and him just started working in new company, it is hard for us to take vacation. Suppose to visit Singapore end of the year to attend a cousin's wedding but we cannot make it. How I wish that we can take some times off, maybe next year for a family vacation. Hmm, need to think of a way.


Nick Phillips said...

I know the feeling Rose, how I wish I could also take some time off from my business.

mNhL said...

same here ;( How I wish hubby and I could take some off to go for a short holidays together with the kids. Hubby is all tied down with works. :(